Eagle Scouts

“Empowering youth to be leaders is the core of Scouting. Scouts learn by doing, and what they do is lead their patrols and their troop. The youth themselves develop a troop program, then take responsibility for figuring out how they will achieve the goals. One of our most important challenges is to train youth leaders to run the troop by providing direction, coaching and support. The youth will make mistakes now and then and will rely upon the adult leaders to guide them. But only through real hands-on experience as leaders can youth learn to lead."

Roger Sumner 2/7/1977
Mark Heuchert 8/18/1981
John Doering 11/3/1981
Carl Lewis 11/9/1982
Todd Kunzman 12/6/1983
Patrick Coven 2/7/1984
David McAfee 9/4/1984
Scott Dual 5/7/1985
Steve Coven 3/7/1986
Nathan Ashahr 2/10/1989
Richard Starkweather 9/22/1989
Kenneth Cline 4/16/1990
Nate Larsen 11/19/1991
Nels Larsen 11/19/1991
Brent Roth 4/21/1992
Eric Lindquist 10/14/1993
Scott Cary 6/12/1996
Kevin Gardenhire 1/20/1998
Brandon Liggett 8/7/1998
Joshua Liggett 8/24/1998
William Bump 9/28/1998
Madhava Hansen 10/12/1999
Christopher Bump 12/19/2000
Toshio Sagara 2/26/2002
Aaron Longo 5/6/2002
Jeffrey Sorenson 8/14/2002
Kyle Porth 6/18/2003
Mark Mullaney 2/26/2004
Joshua Hall 3/17/2004
Patrick Abel 5/5/2004
David Hanset 8/4/2004
Kenneth DeRemer 12/22/2004
Christopher Heitzman 2/24/2005
Jeremy Porth 7/21/2005
Jeffrey M. Hanset 5/2/06
Kyle T. MacIntyre 6/2/06
Timothy J. Stevens 6/7/06
Cameron W. Lucas 9/23/06
Joshua S. Kemp 5/09/07
Benjamin J. DeRemer 2/13/08
Wyatt R. DeRemer 2/13/08
Trevor J. Abel 9/25/08
Matthew R. Hanset 10/14/08
Travis J. Preciado 6/27/09
Sheldon A. Williams 8/17/09
Kyle L. Catchpole 2/10/10
Alex W. Agnes 3/19/10
Christopher P. Malloy 12/14/10
Riley J. Schofield 12/15/10
Justin W. Abel 6/05/11
Nathan A. Thorne 11/17/11
Mitchell E. Burgess 12/05/11
Christopher J. Conway 12/11/11
Charles A. Franklin 12/11/11
Christopher J. Weinert 12/15/11
Joseph E. Stegemeyer 2/15/12
Connor B. Nagel 7/31/12
Zackarie B. Richmond 9/10/12
Nicholas P. Thorne 11/21/13
Nicholas S. Lafrenz 12/17/13
Thomas A. Franklin 1/29/14
Spencer P. Townsend 2/23/15
Aaron H. Cohen 6/10/15
Christopher J. Nagel 6/23/15
Dallas P. Lamorie 11/28/15
Austin R. Arnold 12/06/15
Andrew S. Burgess 1/09/16
Jeremiah M. Peterson 2/27/16
Joseph P. Sherpa 3/12/16
Elway J. Simpson 8/22/16
Dylan W. Walsh 10/21/16
Tyler R. Haglund 10/23/16
Dale A. King 10/29/16
Conner A. King 11/12/16
Nicholas R. Wagner 11/20/16
Aaron M. Soderquist 6/04/17
Martin P. Rangel 8/02/17
Korbin N. Lechner 8/11/17
Kayden J. Doering 1/24/18
Aaron D. Whistler 2/25/18
Brady R. Layman 3/21/18
Daniel J. Tavares 10/03/18
Alexander J Turner 12/10/2018
Gabriel A Bella-Fennell 1/30/19
Sage Myers 10/7/2019

updated March 24th, 2020


Eagle Oath 

I reaffirm my allegiance

To the three promises of the Scout Promise.

I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself

The obligations and responsibilities

Of the rank of Eagle Scout.

On my honor

I will do my best

To make my training an example

My rank and my influence

Strongly count for better scouting

And for better citizenship

In my Troop and in my community

And in my contact with other people

Regardless of race, class, or creed

To this I pledge my sacred honor.