High Adventure Activities

2020 is proving to be an exciting year for the Youth of Troop 586. We have not one but two big adventures coming up. Some of our youth will be attending a sailing trip around the Bahamas and our older youth are going to Kandersteg the International Scout Centre. Want to know more? Read on...

The Bahamas - Seabase

13 of our boys and a small handful of Adults will get the chance to sail one of the Tall Ships around the Bahamas in August of 2020. The Tall ship is a 60' Catamaran that the youth and adults will get the opportunity to help sail around the Bahamas while enjoying snorkeling, diving for conchs, and touring around the Bahamas. This is an amazing opportunity these kids will remember for the rest of their lives.  We know this because this is our Troops 2nd trip to the Bahamas, the first year was in 2016. Those memories were shared by all who attended for many years and have left an amazing impression the youth that are going in 2020. The Scouts and the leaders are very excited for another year sailing around the Bahamas. 

Read more about what Seabase Bahamas is here

Update Sept 2019: as many of you may have known the Bahamas got hit with a horrible hurricane that wiped out much of the Bahamas including our beloved Marsh Harbor our Seabase location in the Bahamas. Much help is still needed to help recover this area. At this time we are still planning a trip through Seabase but are unsure what the details for our 2020 trip will look like. 

Kandersteg International Scout Centre
The Founder of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell, dreamed of one place, where Scouts can meet, live in peace and learn from each other. Our youth have dreamed of such an opportunity for most of their scouting careers and they decided to plan it before many of their scouting careers come to an end as a youth. Kandersteg is located in Switzerland in the heart of the Alps, a place full of adventure. So they have planned a week-long adventure in KISC going canyoning, river rafting, and lots of hiking. I mean this is the Alps, right? Since this is a trip of a lifetime these high adventure boys decided that since they were going to Europe why not go to London, where Boy Scouts was born and visit Brown Sea Island, stay in Lord Baden-Powell's home which is now a Scout Hostel. These high adventure boys didn't stop there, they also added a trip to Rome in all of this and this is where the Adult Leaders and Parents allowed it to stop. So the full plan of this amazing trip looks like this: Fly into Rome, Italy stay for 3 days, take the train to Switzerland to stay at the KISC for a week, take the train to London, England and check out the sites for 3 days and fly home. 

Many of these families are trying to raise funds to help pay for this trip as the average cost for each person is around $3,500. Feel free to read their bios and check out their Go Fund Me pages. They can use all of the help you can offer.