History of Troop 586

Here you will find the history of Troop 586 from its key leadership, Eagle Scouts, where it started, and what they have achieved. 

Troop 586 started out as a very small troop located in the city of Netarts, Oregon on the coast in 1952. Their original charter started with eight scouts, three explorers, and nine adults. They were chartered by the local Netarts Fire Department whose Executive Officer was Clare H Edner. Their Committee Chair consisted of Morris Puderbaugh and Scoutmaster was Harold Pixler. 

In 1970 the 586 Troop number was brought back to life with the Gresham Optimist Club as its Charter Organization. The president of the Gresham Optimist Club was E.C Jones who was also our Charter Representative. Troop 586 started with its Committee Chair as Marvin Laughmiller and its Scoutmaster as Norman Rogers.

Below you will see a breakdown of all the key leadership that helped keep this troop alive. These are the people who behind the scenes give their hearts and souls into this troop, they are the believers of the program that are willing to dedicate all of their free time to Scouting, for no monetary value, but with the belief that they are making a difference in this world by educating and organizing the programs, you see today. If you see or know any of these people take a moment to say "Thank you" because their endless service is what helps make this the great community of people you see today.

Chartered Organizations:

1951-1958 Netarts Fire Fighters

1959-1962 Netarts Fire Department

1971-2006 Gresham Optimist Club

2007-2017 Optimist Club of Gresham

2018-Present East County Church of Christ

 Committee Chairs:

1951-1953 Clare H. Edner

1955 Albert Kenney

1956-1957 Howard L. Owen

1958 Morris Puderbaugh

1959 Howard L. Owen

1960-1961 James A. Hilferty

1962 James E. Johnson

1971 Marvin Laughmiller

1972 Roger Seeger

1973-1974 Dan Lindberg

1975 Charles Clark

1976-1978 Donald Green

1979-1981 Jack Lewis

1982 Al Coven

1983-1984 Billy M. Dual Jr.

1985-1987 Roy Asbahr

1988-1990 Brad J. Roth

1991-1996 Kathy (Kathleen) Gardenhire

1997-2010 Barry E. Busse

2011-2015 Michael P. Malloy

2016-Present Kris Myers


1951-53 Albert R. Kenney

1954 Bernard C. Torrey

1955 Howard L. Owen

1956 Gerald C. Wilson

1957-1958 Harold G. Pixler

1959 Jim Sather

1960-1961 Luther E. Derting

1962 Kenneth Clary

1971 Norman Rogers

1972-1976 Thomas Sears

1977-1978 Donald Bowie

1979-1982 Donald Grande

1983-1984 Al Coven

1985 Billy M. Dual Jr.

1986-1987 John F. Blaize

1988-1991 Norman Lindquist

1992-1996 Michael D. Bump

1997-2005 Tony D. Longo

2006-2011 Kenneth K. Catchpole

2012-2013 Andrew W. Franklin

2014-Present Mitchell Turner

Awards are given within our Troop and here are some important ones we want to remember.

Family of the Year
    Wagner Family 2016
    King Family 2017
    Markel Family 2018
    Gorger Family 2020

Semper Gumby - In recognition of your flexibility, pliability, and resilience. 
    Carlos Rangel 2018
    Cathy Wagner 2020

Scout Spirit Award - In recognition of your outstanding leadership and dedication to all the youth in our unit. 
    Darrin King 2017    
    Kris Myers 2020

Scout of the Quarter - In recognition of your commitment to living the scout oath and law in your everyday life. 
    Alex Turner (Spring 2018)
    Logan Maxwell (Fall 2019)
    Cheyenne Myers (Spring 2019)
    Hayden Grindle (Spring 2019)
    Vincent Monzo (Spring 2019)
    Cheyenne Myers (Fall 2019)

Soaring Eagle Award - In recognition of your Enthusiasm, willingness to learn and try new things, and kindness to your fellow scouts. 
    Miguel Arzeta (Fall 2018)
    Devlan Goins (Spring 2019)
    Makenzie Schwartz (Spring 2019)
    Satine Simpson (Fall 2020)
    Grant Hendrickson (Fall 2020)

Pandemic Warrior Award - In recognition of stepping up during challenging times to help create a successful program for your fellow scouts. 
    Hayden Grindle (2020)
    Mielie Smith - Dencer (2020)

Flat and Fairly Easy Award - in honor of Kris Myers who was labeled the Flat and Fairly easy Hiking leader (as a joke!), this award goes to those that have completed at least 100 miles in a combination of hiking, backpacking, and/or snowshoeing. 
    Audrey Carlson (2020)
    Cheyenne Myers (2020)
    Devlan Goins (2020)
    Hayden Grindle (2020)
    Mielie Smith-Dencer (2020)
    Mitchell Denman (2020)
    Satine Simpson (2020)
    Vincent Monzo (2020)

Sore Foot Award - in recognition of those who have completed 200 or more miles on the trail either hiking, backpacking, and/or snowshoeing. 
    Mitchell Denman (2020)
    Satine Simpson (2020)

Backcountry Explorer Award - in recognition of those who have completed 250 or more miles on the trail either hiking, backpacking and or snowshoeing. 
    Mitchell Denman (2020)