Apple and Pear Fundraiser

Hood River Valley's Finest Fruit Since 1911


Kiyokawa Family Orchards is a family-owned and operated farm located in Parkdale, Oregon. We're proud to be a part of the famous Hood River Valley, where the nation's finest apples and pears are grown. Our fruit is grower-direct, which allows us to provide quality fruit at great prices.

The Kiyokawa Family takes pride in conservation.

We take pride in promoting local and sustainably grown produce and utilize a farm management system that incorporates best management practices.

These are the steps we are taking to ensure the health and quality of our produce:

Integrated Fruit Production System: This is a holistic approach to the care and management of the orchard. This allows us to reduce the use of chemicals and fertilizers as well as conserve water.

Pollinator Habitat: In 2008, we planted a pollinator garden at the fruit stand as a way of encouraging native pollinators such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

Water Conservation: We have converted over half of the orchard grounds to a micro-irrigation system with an estimated water savings of up to 30%.

Wildlife Habitats: Our orchard borders Evan's Creek, a natural wildlife corridor. To ensure further protection for wildlife, we maintain a generous Riparian boundary so that food and cover remain available for the species naturally occurring there. We have also installed American Kestral nesting boxes throughout the orchard. These birds are part of our natural pest management plan for small mammals and insects.

A note about sprays and chemicals:

We make every effort to offer you the cleanest, most healthful product possible. This includes judicious use of agricultural chemicals, properly timed and carefully targeted. While you may wish to wash our fruit, there will be no harmful residues left at harvest time.

Apple Descriptions:

Braeburn - 'Breaking' and 'crisp' are used to describe the texture of this excellent late season apple. The balance of high sugars and acidity give it a sweet-tart flavor that is one of the best. The juicy flesh is great for fresh eating, and does not brown quickly when cut, making it an acceptable salad apple. Its flavor loses some of its complexity when cooked but the tartness remains as well as its shape. Adding to its merits are its excellent keeping qualities.

Storage: Up to 4 months at 32-38°F.

Fuji - This late maturing apple is a good one to bring home from the orchard now and enjoy at your leisure for months to come. It has outstanding storage quality and has excellent shelf life even at room temperature. Thick skin covers the firm, crisp flesh that is rich and delectably sweet with a superb crunchy texture and unique aroma. It is best for fresh eating and can be used for cooking but has a tough skin and flesh that will take longer than average to soften. Storage: Up to 4 months at 32-38°F.

Gala - An attractive, heart shaped apple with distinctive yellow-orange skin with red stippling, in a convenient size for packing in a lunch or enjoying for a snack anytime. Gala has a crisp, sweet taste with a balance of tartness, and firm flesh with good aroma. It is best for eating fresh, drying, or in cider, as it loses some of its taste when cooked. Gala is at its best when it is fresh in the Fall and available locally as it does not hold up in storage well.

Storage: Up to 3 months at 32-38°F.

Golden Delicious - It is hard not to like this apple - thin skinned, firm, crisp, juicy flesh, and a distinctive mellow flavor and aroma - making it an all-around winner in the kitchen, for fresh eating, and in cider where its distinctive aroma carries over into the cider. Store Golden Delicious refrigerated in the crisper or plastic bag to avoid shriveling and they should keep well. Handle gently as they bruise easily and remember that if you pick this apple when it is golden, it will surely be delicious.

Storage: Up to 3 months at 32-38°F.

Granny Smith - This is a popular and well-known variety, easily recognized by its bright green skin with lenticels (white spots). Granny Smith offers mouthwatering tartness and a crisp bite. Apples that have a yellowish cast to the skin will be sweeter than those that are solid green. The fruit is firm and bruise resistant, gaining sweetness after storage. It is a late maturing apple and a good keeper, staying fresh in cold storage through Winter and Spring.

Storage: Up to 4 months at 32-38°F.

Honeycrisp - Described as 'explosively crisp,' making an excellent fresh eating apple. The flesh is crisp, dense, and juicy with a good balance of sweet and tart and possessing a delicate aroma.

Storage: Up to 4 months at 32-38°F.

Jonagold - Versatile Jonagold, whose parents are Golden Delicious and Jonathan, is one of the finest dessert and culinary apples on the market. It carries the aroma of the Golden and the lively sweet-tart flavor of the Jonathan. This apple will store in the refrigerator for 3 months but is at its best a couple of weeks after picking (another advantage of buying locally and in-season). There are over 70 strains of the variety and, depending on the strain and climate, the color varies from pale green-gold with a faint red stripe, to solid red.

Storage: Up to 3 months at 32-38°F.

Red Delicious - With its sweet, mellow taste and aromatic flesh, the Red Delicious continues to be popular (yet controversial) in this country. The original delicious had dark red stripes on a light red and greenish yellow background. 'Improvements' such as darker red color and more compact trees that bear more apples have been accompanied by a marked decline in flavor. Harvesting Red Delicious only when the flavor has been allowed to develop on the tree is the best way to assure a sweet, juicy apple. This variety is best eaten raw or peeled because of its thick skin. It is not a good cooking apple since it doesn't retain its shape when cooked. But with all the varieties available these days, just enjoy this crisp, tasty apple fresh and save your recipes for apples better suited for cooking.

Storage: Up to 2 months at 32-38°F.

Mixed Premium Apples - The mix will be the best flavored apples at the time we prepare your order and will include four to five of the following: Fuji, Braeburn, Gala, Jonagold, Cameo, and Ambrosia.

Pear Descriptions:

Anjou - A sturdy salad pear, best when eaten fresh. Very juicy when ripe, and a sweet mellow flavor. Shows no color change upon ripening, but yields slightly to gentle pressure.

Storage: Up to 5 months at 32-38°F.

Cheese Pairing: Soft, mild goat cheese, Brie Wine Pairing: Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne

Bartlett - An excellent fresh eating pear, but also a choice preserving, canning or cooking pear as it holds its shape and flavor with cooking. Ripens to bright yellow from light green when still unripe.

Storage: Up to 2 months at 32-38°F.

Cheese Pairing: Saint Andre, Fontina Wine Brut Champagne, Merlot

Mixed Premium Pears - The mix will be the best flavored pears at the time we prepare your order and will include four to five of the following: Red & Green Anjou, Bosc, Comice, Taylor’s Gold, and Packham Triumph.