Summer Program

Summer Program

Our summer program varies every year between cycling, hiking, and backpacking with the goal to complete the entire merit badge over three months. The youth work together to complete this merit badge in the locations of their choice. Previously cycling has taken them to the Trail of the Coeur d'Alene's. Backpacking has seen the majesty of the Pacific Crest Trail. Hiking has seen some of the most beautiful sites in the Pacific Northwest including Alaska. The choice gives the youth the opportunity to choose where they want to go. It's also their choice to participate in the summer program. Some choose to take the summer's off. But we feel its a great way to keep the youth active in the program, and it keeps them from getting bored.

Currently, Kris Myers runs the summer program but has recently announced that she is taking a step back in order for other adults to have the opportunity to learn the program and take the lead. This is a smart leadership move to encourage a lasting program. If you are interested in running either Cycling, Hiking or Backpacking please reach out to Kris at a Troop meeting. She will remain around to help see the program run with success.

Here are just some of the highlights of each of the Merit Badges offered but not limited to:


Road Biking is primarily taught with our Unit. The BSA requires two 10 mile rides, two 15mile rides, two 25 mile rides and one 50 mile ride along with education on how to take care of bike, ride it safely on the road and a variety of other topics. Read all about the Cycling Merit Badge here.


Six hikes and a variety of other skills are taught to help you show the points of good hiking practices including proper outdoor ethics, hiking safety, courtesy to others, and proper gear. The six hikes include one five mile, three 10mile, one 15mile and one twenty mile hike. Read more about the requirements here.


Most of the skills in backpacking are taught on the trail while participating in at least three 15mile treks. Followed by a 30mile trek completed over five days. Leave no trace principles, cooking, gear and safety are all covered in this merit badge to ensure a safe and fun trip. Read more about it here.

30 Mile Backpacking Trip

Troop 586 Triathlon

The troop recently announced that in 2021 we will be offering our first Triathlon award. Any Scout or Scouter (adult scout leader) can earn this award by completing 50miles in a mixed format that includes either Road Biking or Mt Biking, Canoeing or Kayaking, and Hiking or Backpacking. All miles need to be completed within the auspices of Scouts BSA and completed between June 1st, and Sept 31st of any given year.

The purpose of this award is to encourage different outdoor activities on dirt, pavement and water all in one given summer. This encourages not just the opportunity to learn a new skill but to do so with one's peers while following Leave no Trace principles and having a good time in the outdoors.